Going beyond. Everything. Or how to get out of our mess ;-)

How we think, how we lead, how we organize and how we act impacts everything we do and achieve as individuals, groups and organizations. Over the last 50 years, we have established a certain mindset and attitude around how we interact and work together that has embedded itself across borders, cultures and countries around the world. So, the American slightly (extreme) capitalistic way of trying to get things done (and get rich quickly) has become the norm in almost every corner of our planet.

  • 10. März 2020, 10:00
  • Entrepreneurship

It's been pretty successful, and I guess you could say that we have achieved progress of some sort. I can now grab myself a big mac and a coke zero just about anywhere on the planet, and I can even find a nice Gucci bag for my wife no matter what country I happen to be in at the time.

And yet, all this progress and seeming wealth (for the few) has come at a price. It feels like we’ve lost the connections to ourselves and each other. Family values, true friendship, satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment seem to be further away and out of reach like never before. And at the same time, we’ve done a damn good job on destroying the rest of the planet around us. Not just for ourselves, but for all that follow.

Boom. What a mess!

So now we wanna fix it, and for some reason we believe that if we just try harder and move faster (more agilely) than before that we’ll actually get it done. But all we are doing is just accelerating the speed to the exact same destinations. Like believing that using the same ways of thinking and getting stuff done can get us a different result than before. That's insanity our friend Albert Einstein would have said.

So, let’s fix it

So, we gotta go beyond all that came before and change our foundational way of interacting and working together. How we communicate, think, decide and act needs to go beyond the mindset that got us into this mess. We must question the basics of human interaction and cooperation. And create a new and better way of collaborating and getting it all done. Change the destinations (in our minds) and how we work together to get there.

We have to rewrite the operating model of human interaction and cooperation. And institute a new way of collaborating and working together that activates the full collective human potential in the room. And then transport that operating model into every room around the world where groups of human beings are ready to tackle the biggest challenges in front of us. A new collective human endeavor (with an according operating system) to unleash all the ideas, passion and willpower needed to get it done.

Go Beyond

The better future we all strive for needs a better way of doing things that leaves the boundaries of conventional thinking behind.

Think beyond, lead beyond, act beyond,

go beyond. Everything.


P.S. In case you want more on the new operating system, just grab the Beyond Leadership handbook :-)

Patrick Cowden

Der US-Amerikaner Patrick Cowden begleitet über 25 Jahre verschiedene Führungspositionen internationaler Unternehmen. Mit 20 Jahren wanderte er nach Deutschland aus. Aufgestiegen vom Flugzeugbetanker zum General Manager, der in IT und Internet ebenso zu Hause ist wie in Marketing, Vertrieb und Content, kennt er das Führen im Alltag und in den Grenzbereichen. Als Mann der Praxis weiss Patrick Cowden um die Schwächen und die Chancen der deutschen Führungskultur im weltweiten Vergleich.