The crisis has arrived and afraid we all are.

So we stop travelling, we stop meeting, we stop being together, because we fear what may happen. We stop everything that entails meeting others, especially strangers. Because we are afraid. We stop greeting each other, no hugs, no kisses, no hand-shaking. Afraid to be infected with a virus that might make us sick. Hell, being in rooms with others has now started to become the scariest thing we can even imagine. We're afraid to be with each other or God forbid, even touch each other. Should we even let our children go to school, go play with their friends. Should we even go to work or worse yet, should we even leave the house at all anymore. How will we eat, where to get drinks, how will our children learn or play in a world without human contact.

  • 13. März 2020, 10:00
  • Entrepreneurship

So stop. Think. Before we lose it all.

The Digital world had already taken so much away from us. We had already stopped paying attention to each other in the real world because so much of our attention has been stolen from our virtual world. Our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp feeds greedily stealing our time and quality of life away from all those real people around us. Our Mom & Dad, and sisters and brothers, children and friends. Everyone around us, getting less and less of us over the last decade of modernization.

And now we are gonna let a little virus steal all we have left from us. That little bit of attention and respect and love that an embrace or soft touch can mean to us. That last vestige of true humanness that had remained alive within and around us when we encountered another human being and enclosed them in a warm embrace.

Don't give it up.

We need to make sure that we don't lose this one thing that means so much. Our connections, our relationships, the closeness and yes physical intimacy of others that help us feel better, stronger, understood and happy. To feel seen and loved by another is the pinnacle of the human experience. Let's not give that up out of fear.

So when times get bad, we need to get closer to each other to persevere. In unity there is strength. Together we are better able to get through whatever life throws at us. That closeness and intimacy gives us so much and nourishes our spirit in a way nothing else can replace. So don't let that last piece of what makes each and everyone of us so special slip away.

Fight for each other, be there for each other, and give each other the strength to persevere and carry on, no matter what the risk or fear or consequences.

Stick together!

So no matter what else you guys do, sit down together in small groups and strengthen who you are and the common purpose that brings you together. Go to work, go to school, go play and yes, go be who you are with all those friends and strangers around you.

Now more than ever, is the time to come together and be strong. Reassure each other that we are there for one another and will get through these tough times.

As one. Better. Together.

Patrick Cowden

Der US-Amerikaner Patrick Cowden begleitet über 25 Jahre verschiedene Führungspositionen internationaler Unternehmen. Mit 20 Jahren wanderte er nach Deutschland aus. Aufgestiegen vom Flugzeugbetanker zum General Manager, der in IT und Internet ebenso zu Hause ist wie in Marketing, Vertrieb und Content, kennt er das Führen im Alltag und in den Grenzbereichen. Als Mann der Praxis weiss Patrick Cowden um die Schwächen und die Chancen der deutschen Führungskultur im weltweiten Vergleich.